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Off With Our Heads

Posted in Chapter 8, Deron M.'s Entries on November 10, 2009 by Deron Molen

In chapter 8, the Queen of Hearts has an obsession with uttering the phrase “off with your head”. The queen, an obvious source of power and authority in the monarchy, has a highly volatile temper and a love for executions. She definitely joins the long list of “mad” characters in the story so far.

Do authority figures need to go to such drastic measures to maintain order and stability?

In our society, we generally condemn such violent punishments for minor crimes. Could you imagine how the world would react to someone having their head cut off for planting the wrong type of rose bush? Thankfully society as a whole has advanced out of the strict and often murderous political structure of monarchies.

Another thing I found interesting was the fact that of all objects Carroll could have chosen to represent the royal court, he chose cards. Cards are very thin and can bend back and forth. They rip or break easily and can be easily manipulated to perform whatever is necessary for the one holding the cards. Was this on accident? I don’t think so. The cards could represent the peasants and middle class citizens under a monarchy. They can be manipulated easily and can easily fall apart under pressure from a strong authority figure like the Queen of Hearts.

So what do you think?

Who has lost their heads: the authority figures of society or the working class citizens?

Is it human nature to crack under pressure from outside forces?