Wouldn’t it be Nice…

Wouldn’t it be nice if the answers for everything were right out in the open?

In some ways, yes and no. Yes, because then most of us wouldn’t have been holding our breaths for the past 5 weeks, especially now as the project comes to a close. This project would have been less stressful as well. However, I’m glad to say that there isn’t an answer book out there. I’m glad that there isn’t one written. Having something like that out in the real world would kill everything this project has allowed us to do-really think, and the creativity to do so.

I never thought of Alice in Wonderland and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland would ever have so much hidden meaning behind it. I never thought that the author would have been in love with the person to whom he has written. In my opinion, it came as a shock to me, I mean, who would have thought of drugs, hookah, and death be in a children’s story. Besides, they made a Disney movie as this! I was completely flabbergasted.

However, further investigation with help from my group and my fellow peers on other blogs have helped with my understanding. So, to those who have helped with this project, thank you.

To Mr. Long, thank you for this wonderful experience that I never want to end.

3 Responses to “Wouldn’t it be Nice…”

  1. I love your observations about the answers not being all spelled out for you! That is what life is all about: examining what is in front of you, reaching conclusions, solving problems. Good observation about the drugs and death in the movie. Watch ANY Disney movie, though. Many of them contain themes that can be disturbing: Finding Nemo, Bambi both deal with the loss of a parent or child.

  2. Brendon O-L. Says:

    This project was a fantastic experience. This project was all about self-discovery. We got to give the book our own meaning, which in the end only enhanced the experience. The ideas we thought of and the directions we took were inspired only by ourselves and our classmates. The feeling knowing you thought of all this, out weighs the time commitment that was required to come up with them. An answer book would have ruined this project. There would have been the people that would rather copy ideas than come up with their own just to save some time. What we accomplished would not have been possible with out our teammates and the amazing thinker whose vision it was, Mr. Long. Working on this project was an enjoyable time filled with thought and reflection. We learned more about ourselves than we know. I wish this did not have to ‘end.’

  3. I’m glad that you’re able to see the pros and cons of having all the answers in life spelled out for onself; to be able to concede that it’s better to think about something than be informed of the solution right away takes a substantial amount of wisdom. And yes, it was a ‘wonderful’ experience. The drugs and the hookah-smoking didn’t shock me as much as they apparently did to you; but I agree that Carroll’s ‘relationship’ with young Alice Liddel was immensely startling.

    Overall, great post.

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