Goin’ Out With a BANG

Well, I’m sorry to say that this project is almost over.

In less than twenty four hours, these sites will be finished for the time being. I have to say it has been an incredible ride.

Really, if we look at the project and ourselves hard enough, we can see how close our journey has been to that of Alice’s. We were thrust into a whole new world in a matter of days and were expected to be able to find our way around. For me personally, I felt almost as lost as Alice did the first few days with all of the new technology I was expected to use. But slowly and surely all of us began to find our way around our new “Wonderland”.

Mr. Long, like the characters in Wonderland, helped indirectly guide us throughout our journey. He played the rabbit and got us down the hole to start us on our journey. He was the caterpillar and gave us indirect intellectual advice. He was the Duchess and gave us many morals and life lessons to ponder. He even played the part of the Queen and occasionally nudged us to give us a little more momentum coming into this finally week.

All of us students were Alice in more ways than one.

We were dropped into a new world of technology and blogging within a days notice. We stumbled our way through the first few weeks looking ahead to the “beautiful garden” that would await us as we finished. We accepted (although not always understanding 100% of) the advice of Mr. Long and our other teachers along the way of this project. We had to sit through some mad tea party discussion with our groups, occasionally endure the Queen’s (or in our case the King’s) wrath over not procrastinating, and await the verdict from the court’s jury. Just like Alice was thrown back into the real world, we will be thrown out back into book discussions and frequent in-class essays just as quickly as we were thrown into this new world of English class.

With the deadline for this project at 5:00 pm tomorrow (Thursday Dec. 3rd, 2009) quickly approaching, I can’t help but think how much this project has changed me intellectually.

Being one of “the quiet ones” in class, I rarely share my ideas and opinions. It’s not that I’m not thinking or that I didn’t read, it’s that I always have to think through my ideas again and again. I double, triple, and sometimes even quadruple check my arguments to make sure that they don’t have any major holes in them. This blog really has helped me express my ideas in a creative way and allowed me to have time to think everything through. This project has also helped me be able to make connections and understanding hidden messages in stories a lot better. Before, I just looked at the story as is and didn’t even spend too much time hunting for a moral or message. This project has helped me search the text and annotations for clues as to what Carroll might be hinting at in certain situations.

Like Alice, I’ve changed a great deal through my experiences in this virtual Wonderland we have here on the Alice Project.

One Response to “Goin’ Out With a BANG”

  1. Erica Roberts Says:

    You and I have a lot in common. I am an avid reader, but tend to “read at the surface” without looking for the hidden meanings and metaphors in the stories I read. My participation as a jury member on this project has caused me to change my thinking. Not just about the story, but how as a teacher I can encourage students to read for deeper meaning. I teach technology, so I don’t often have the chance to incorporate this type of assignment into my curriculum, but I am probably going to spend my winter break trying to come up with a way to do just that!

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