Disney+Tim Burton=Outlandish and Tantalizing

Another rendition of Alice in Wonderland will be unvailed to the world in March. Disney is doing another creation of theirs, but with Tim Burton, not necesarily a common person that brings bright colors and joy to the screen. While, in my opinion, he is a great director, he tends to be a tad strange, or different, but the overall product is awe-inspiring. Though, Disney already did an animated version of Alice in Wonderland, so why make another? Why go through all the time and effort just to re-do a Disney Classic?

Well, Tim Burton is one of those directors that is one of a kind.

In the past couple of movies of his, Johnny Depp has starred, or voiced a character. And yes, he appears in this one, as the Mad Hatter. Quite a few differences I have noticed off the bat. For one, Alice is older, a teenager basically. In the book, she’s about 7. Another thing, Alice accidentally goes down the rabbit-hole in the movie, compared to her willingly following the rabbit down the hole as is in the book. Why? Why are they changing it? I think that they want to try and attract older audiences with this film, rather the animated was predominately popular amongest children. This one can attract teenagers to adults, which means more money for Disney. I just wish that Disney could stick to the story, like they did with The Little Mermaid and Aladdin to name a few. It frustrates me, and I mean, the book is still out here today! Though, I applaud their choice of directors, Burton can give this innocent fairytale an unthinkable twist, and I’m excited to see what that is.

One Response to “Disney+Tim Burton=Outlandish and Tantalizing”

  1. Miles W III Says:

    I personally like Tim Burton’s crazy twist he puts on different concepts. But I do take what you’re saying to heart. Anything anybody cherishes, like you and your disney movies, you will feel hurt when they are tampered with. Although I’m sorry for your loss of this being another classic movie gone mad, I really do want to see what Burton will do to this. I think he’ll probably strengthen the hidden values in the story and I am excited to see how people will react to it.

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