Alice For Heisman

It is that time of the year again. All of the college football fans once again begin the debate of who should win the Heisman Trophy and be crowned college football’s best player. Most are arguing for Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Toby Gerhart, or Mark Ingram, but I have a write-in candidate. Standing 4′ 4″, weighing in at 61 lbs., and playing every position at the University of Wonderland, it’s Alice Liddell.

Athletes and Alice are not that different. Both have a real world life and a life where they can escape reality for a period of time. For Alice, it is Wonderland. For an athlete, it is the playing field. Both places allow a break from reality and the impossible to become possible. Talking rabbits are not nearly as crazy as Boise State running a trick play on the two point conversion to beat Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl (Sorry OU fans). As an athlete, I relish the time I spend on the playing field. It allows me to escape for a few hours from issues in school, with friends, or at home. The same goes for Alice. She is able to escape to Wonderland and leave her troubles behind for a little while.

Everyone has their own Wonderland. For some, it is going out and playing football or baseball. For others, it may be playing video games or reading a good book. Really, it doesn’t matter what we do as long as it lets us escape from our lives for any length of time. Having a Wonderland for ourselves is a good thing too. Life can be so stressful that we need to find an escape from the monotonous routine that we go through every day. The Heisman debate continues even as you read this post. The fact of the matter is that whether you’re debating about the Heisman or reading this post, you are escaping, for a few moments anyway, from reality.

5 Responses to “Alice For Heisman”

  1. Wow this blog was really cool. Just the title caught my eye. “Alice for Heisman” who wouldn’t read it? I never really thought about it like this. About how Wonderland could just be a place where Alice can escape. In the new movie I here that it’s a place she can chose to go to. So your idea isn’t a bad one (if a Hollywood movie director is thinking the same thing). I like the thought. Alice’s escape is just her dreamworld.

  2. Brittany M Says:

    I love this Blog. Being a fellow athlete i completely relate to having our own wonderland. And although Alice would be a good candidate for the Heisman, we all know it is truly belongs to Cult(sorry Gage). Anywho when athletes step onto their field, court, or dive into their pool, it is officially their Wonderland. All worries are gone. Athletes do not play their games thinking about their Ap Euro homework or if they fed their fish, they are completely engulfed in what is their reality at the time. Although Alice may not be the top stud of the candidates, I must say she has some stomach to be able to handle all of her cakes and meals in Wonderlan. It truly is quite something, but then again I’m sure Cult could hanlde it as well.

  3. I really like your comparison. Most people, myself included, have been comparing Alice to other stories, history, or political situations. You have given us a comparison we can all relate to. The ability to escape reality for a brief moment is one of the reasons I love sports so much. I also love reading for the same reason. Sometimes, when I am stressed, I will just stop for a moment and read a chapter or go play with my dogs for a moment. It helps me to relax and gives me a moment to escape my problems.

  4. Wow Deron, this is probably the most unique post I’ve read so far. Maybe it’s the football or maybe it’s just the pure quality of your idea. Your title just caught my eye because of the sporty name. It really is amazing though that you compared to extremely different topics and matched them up perfectly. I agree that everyone has their own unique thing to do that takes them to their Wonderland. Mine, as you can tell, is the game of football or just any sport in general. I just enjoy leaving reality for a while and joining in some contact and friendly competition. Although Alice is a whopping 4’4″, 62lbs, I’m still pulling for my man Toby Gerhart for Stanford!

  5. Great idea, tying the world of sports and wonderland togehter.This idea of a world away from our own that allow us to escape is very interesting to me. Alice is no athlete, but she is similar in the way that she escapes to her wonderland, as a athlete escapes to the playing field. When somebody gets on the field, the pressure and stress of reality is left behind and the focus comes to the game. Alice is a girl that escapes to wonderland for some reason unknown to us, but she forgets about the real world and becomes immersed in to wonderland. Like an athlete does when he step on the field. By the way Colt Mccoy is going to win the heisman trophy.

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