What is Alice Thankful For?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! On a day where everyone gives thanks for the good things in their life, I began wondering what Alice would be thankful for. There certainly are numerous occurrences where Alice narrowly avoided a major predicament. She has changed size many times, been driven crazy by some very interesting characters, and has even been ordered to be beheaded. Alice should be thankful for the fact she is even alive by the end of the story.

Alice should be the most thankful for the fact that she even went on her journey in the first place. Her journey has enabled her to be able to find solutions for her problems, both real and imaginary. She has had to find the courage to stand up for herself against a ruthless authority figure and hold herself together as Wonderland weighed on her psychological well being. Alice has had to keep her composure as her size changed many times. Alice’s journey may have taken away part of her childhood innocence but it has given her the strength to face life’s daily challenges. Alice has matured right before our eyes as the story has progressed and that will help her succeed in the short and long term.

Once on her journey, Alice falls down a rabbit hole. Alice should be thrilled that she is even alive after such a fall. Alice then drinks and eats a mysterious liquid and cake as she alters her size for the first time.  She should be thankful for not being executed by the Queen of Hearts and also for being able to learn morals from the Duchess. I could go on and on with examples of Alice needing to be thankful but for the sake of time and my sanity I will refrain.

Your turn:

What do you think Alice should be the most thankful for?

Why should she be thankful for it?

Once you’ve answered those questions, sit back, relax, and enjoy some more turkey and mashed potatoes (just make sure they don’t say “Eat Me!” on them first).

3 Responses to “What is Alice Thankful For?”

  1. Well done Deron. I have to say that the entire time I was reading this blog, I imagined you saying it with your strong announcer voice. This made it one of the most interesting blogs I’ve ever read. Which reminds me, I think that you should do a voice thread. I would be awesome and I know it would get a ton of hits. Anyways about the question: What do I think Alice should be most thankful for? Well I would have to say that she should be most thankful for that fact that her adventures were only a dream. I know that a lot of people will disagree with me and say how cool it would be to actual travel to wonderland. You have to ask yourself, how was Alice planning on leaving wonderland. She entered through an abnormal rabbit hole that was so long that she almost fell asleep on the way down. It would be physically impossible for her to scale that and return to the “real world.”

  2. Sylvia A. Says:

    Haha Deron I love this post! I didn’t know we had holiday themed blogs 🙂 I agree with you, Alice should be lucky she came out alive, but you can’t die in a dream and that’s what I believe this was. Alice should be thankful she only visited Wonderland and didn’t have to live there like lets say…poor Bill the lizard for example! She should be thankful that she can go back to some normalcy with a bit of knowledge. That’s what getting bit by the curious bug can do for you. She should be thankful that Dinah and her sister were still there, and were always there, for her when she finally woke up from the most important dream she’d ever have. She should be thankful for the journey most importantly though because she’s a lucky little girl who got a chance to live in her Wonderland even if it wasn’t as…wonderous as it shouldve been. Death threats usually ruin fantasy lands for me too, you can’t blame her!

  3. Haha, well Deron I’m going to take a different approach to this. I am going to talk about what Alice Lidell has to be thankful for. She should be thankful that someone like Lewis Carroll would write such an elaborate book for her. She is loved, as should everyone. She had a book written for her, that has now made probably billions, but money doesn’t matter, what matters is the thought.

    Alice in Wonderland should be thankful that she is not dead yet. She has encountered many death-like situations. She is lucky that “somebody” is watching over her.

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