The Evolution of the Cheshire-Cat

Due to my fascination with the Cheshire-cat I was curious as to what comes to mind when we think of this cat. As we all know the moment an author creates a character, that character is up for the interpretation of the reader or in the Alice in wonderland movies the viewer.  So for your viewing pleasure I created a Prezi presentation (slide show with the amazing ability to make you motion sick) which shows a small collection of the varied metamorphosis our beloved cat has undergone.

I feel that there are many sides to this complex character. And each side has been given a new and clearer definition by subsequent artists. I was especially taken with the darker side of our cat. Not the questionable but still sweet character from our favorite child-hood movie but the darker representation we see in our own imaginings. This is an investigation into that side of the Cheshire-cat. That more cunning, feisty and dangerous creature of our nightmares.

Cheshire-Cat presentation

P.S. For those who are having navigation issues with Prezi (sadly it’s not very user friendly)  navigate the show by clicking the gray arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

6 Responses to “The Evolution of the Cheshire-Cat”

  1. I enjoyed your Prezi! I am glad you took the suggestion about adding an explanation for the pictures. Another suggestion I would add would be to add a time frame. I would also suggest that you carefully proofread your explanations. There was at least one spelling mistake and a missing comma. All of those little things make a difference when you write and it is too easy to submit something online without checking.

  2. Benedikt K Says:

    I enjoy the presentation a lot, mostly due to the range of pieces. It seems like everything in Alice can be linked to everything. Everything seems to have every possible meaning. But finding something that you can accept as true for yourself is hard, because there are so many different ways to see something.

    I would prefer the image in which the Cheshire cat is depicted by only a teethy smile and an orange tail. The Cheshire cat has no true substance, nothing that one can pinpoint it on, and yet it is, as you said, fiery, like a rebirth.

  3. Very nice Prezi Gabriella! I really am intrigued by all of the renditions of the Cheshire-Cat but for the sake of time or I will limit myself to one. The very last picture might give me nightmares. I think it shows a very dark and almost shady side of the cat. It gives me the impression that he would try to deceive me as to where I should go from that point in the story. I would be very hesitant to trust him if he looked like that. Many people assume that the Cheshire-Cat only looks like the Disney interpretation. This Prezi really opened my eyes to a much darker side of the beloved cat. Once again, great job Gabriella!

  4. The Cheshire-cat is a very iconic figure in anything Alice related, almost more so than Alice herself. There are many interesting artist interpretations of it’s physical features. Lighter side, darker side, merrier side- all of the pictures are different, I love it!

  5. Thanks for sharing the images of the Cheshire cat. I like Prezi for things like this. It’s fun to click and see a new image appear. I like that you included citation links for your images. I think it would be really interesting if you edited the prezi to include your interpretation of the images- which is the most true to character in your opinion, what are the differences in the artists interpretations? One of the fun things about Prezi is the ability to make the explanation so small, it doesn’t interfere with the image presentation until you want your opinion to be shown.

    Your class is doing some impressive blog writing and discussion of Alice. I’m enjoying this project. Keep up the gr8 work!

    • Gabriella B. Says:

      Thank you so much for your review, after a bit of thought I realized how bare bones skeletal this post was and have since revised it to include a few of my thoughts on the pictures I posted. Thank you for your input.

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