Martha Stewart Better Watch Out

In our last CoverItLive session, our group came up with a metaphor for Alice‘s entirety. Basically, Carroll does have all of his ingredients laid out for this story, and when he puts them all into the bowl, the batter is lumpy and doesn’t work out so well, yet when you back that lumpy mix, his cupcakes came out to be delicious-but a different type of delicious. A type of deliciousness that no one has ever tasted before, but the overall feedback of his cupcakes are high. So high, to where it puts Carroll on the map, at least amongst London.

So, what do you think Carroll’s ingredients for success are?

In my opinion, here’s what his “ingredient list” may have looked like:

  • Childhood innocence: Obviously, Alice is 7 in the story, so there is that innocence that she has of “doing somethings wrong, but it’s OK because she doesn’t know better” kind of thing.
  • On the path to adulthood: In many parts, Alice abandons her innocent cliche, to be more responsible, and more aware of her surroundings. She minds her manners, but at times she does forget about them and simply speaks her mind.
  • Losing sanity: How do we know this is really happening to Alice? Why does it seem so realistic to her? Is she insane, or sane? Is she sane in the real world but insane in Wonderland?
  • Normal v.s. abnormal: What is normal in Wonderland? I find to think that Alice is considered abnormal in Wonderland, because everything is so completely off-balanced compared to Alice’s “normal”. Maybe that’s what Alice wants normal to be?
  • Math and Word Plays: “lessons” and how they ‘lessen’; the tortoise “taught us”; Alice counting in very odd way (but according to the annotation actually makes sense in some strange mathematical way) and those are just a few examples.
  • Satrical remarks: Though, we today may not understand them, but the jokes that Carroll makes (usually about the French) may have been very popular in Victorian England, and have just died of their funny, yet they sit maintain their wit.

I believe those are the main “ingredients” in Carroll’s cupcake mix flavored, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

So, Pillsbury dough boy, Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, and all of the baking greats better watch their backs, because there is a new baker in town.

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