All of us have been seeking some meaning in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. From the moment we read the book, we most likely had a feeling that there is more to this book. From the first page it was obvious that this book had more to it than simply paper. But what if there is no meaning in the book, no value, no sense, no moral?

The book would be utterly worthless. And yet, there is no proof that anything has meaning. Even utter existence can be doubted away. Maybe because we think we are, but even if we are, we cannot say we exist. We may be, but only within ourselves, locked away within a conceptual skull. So really, if we take existence to be more than just being, we cannot prove its existence or non-existence.

But if we cannot distinguish in between our existence and non-existence, then how can the concept of existence even have any meaning? Existence itself mean nothing, leads to nothing, is … nothing. There is no meaning to Alice’s existence in wonderland. She cannot prove whether she is there or not, thus there is no meaning in her being there. Whether or not she is sleeping or not is irrelevant, since we cannot even prove she exists.

She has no way of coming back into existence either. It is not as if suddenly meaning ceased to exist, much rather there was never meaning, and could never come to be meaning. Her belief that she can regain meaning only furthers her meaninglessness. Because she believes that there is meaning only in another world, she effectively becomes a nihilist herself, and suddenly it is not the nihilists. It is Alice, and other nihilists who see that there is no meaning in their existence here.

So now you expect me to pull out the next argument, to save the day, to say that it isn’t as depressing as it seems. But there is no such argument. Existence cannot be proven, and our thought are meaningless. The only consolidation you may have is that even this blog and the grade I will receive for it from my teacher are, after all, meaningless.

One Response to “{nihil}”

  1. Woah dude. Heavy stuff.

    I’m proud to say that I’m not lost! I understand, I dig, I feel you man.

    It would be rather bland and frankly expected of the response to go on about “everything is meaningless cause, like, we all die and stuff,” so I won’t waste time doing that. I will simply say that the way in which you came about this idea must not have sparked from anything written in this story.

    I sense that you have been battling (or rather, have conquered since there really isn’t any way one can further the argument since there is no way to prove existence of any nature) this question or theory prior to reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Which promotes me to congratulate you and say that I’m in awe of how well you can present your thoughts in such a way that a humble reader can understand.

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