All Babies Grow Up to Be Pigs

While reading over Alice’s conversation with the Cheshire-Cat, I became curious about the duchesses’ little boy. Just after the baby had turned into a pig and the Cheshire-Cat meets Alice without the child  the Cat asks,

“Bye-the-bye what became of the baby?”

Upon hearing it’s rather sad fate he makes the omniscient remark,

“I thought it would,”

I felt this opened up a world of possibilities. Now, the very common sense explanation of the child’s fate could be linked to Carroll’s intense dislike of little boys. Because of this tendency it is not too far out there to assume he was expressing his belief that little boys acted like pigs, but perhaps a more interesting explanation can be reached.

What if we assume that Wonderland is only a reflection of the real world? Then perhaps Carroll is insinuating a general statement on the level to which mankind has fallen to. In fact this line could and probably is used by green activists all over the world. They seem so convinced of the general depravity of mankind going so far as to call us “earth pigs”, is it so far of a stretch to say this statement is truly reality?

If all children are innocent and only once they are grown begin to wreck havoc on the environment and society on the whole then perhaps it is true that all babies grow up to be pigs.

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One Response to “All Babies Grow Up to Be Pigs”

  1. Brittany M Says:

    Yay for baby kids. My first thought when i saw this was that you were heading towards child obesity. Glad to know it was aboout how society is corrupt. I like the point you make though that all babies do grow up to be pigs. We all seem to be so innocent when we are younger and we grow up to be mean, lazy, and bitter. I like your point about green activists, because it makes sense what they are fighting for.

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