Truth and Opposition

In the trial, the Queen doesn’t necessarily have much help from her so-called witnesses, that the King cross-examines for her. She just wants “verdict now, sentence afterward!”, and it seems to be going in that direction. Even the King gets confused at the beginning, already asking the jury what the verdict is, only to be corrected by the White Rabbit that the trial hasn’t even started yet. If you “read between the lines”, you’ll notice easily that the characters who oppose the Queen/speak the truth are the ones being ordered to be executed. So, in saying this, is Carroll trying to say that in order to be truthful, you must be in opposition? Perhaps, but I think maybe you might have to beat around the bush a little for this answer.

I think the deeper meaning is rather harder to find, and it took me a great deal of time to figure out. Opposition and speaking the truth can either be seen together or separate. Sometimes opposing someone/something means speaking the truth, other times stopping opposition means speaking the truth. In this case, opposition and truth are joined at the hip. Taking a stand and opposing a person, or force, or some sort of authority to cause an uprising against them, requires some sort of truth to help back up that opposition. Many a time, opposition and truth have joined together to fit against unjust causes. For example, the Scientific Revolution v.s. the Church. Science proves that, for example, the earth is heliocentric, not geocentric like the Church stated. Though, what is the real meaning that Carroll is trying to get across of this whole trial?

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