“Lewis” the Ripper

His love for a young child would be frowned upon nowadays, and was most likely kept secret back then. That love created one of the most notable stories ever told. After poking around a few search engines here and there, I found a very peculiar idea-the idea of Charles Dodgson actually being Jack the Ripper.

For those who don’t know about Jack the Ripper, he was an unidentified serial killer that startled the area around and in Whitechapel, London, England during late 1888. His victims were mainly female prostitutes, and those victims were killed in a rather gruesome manner. Any who, I read an article (http://www.casebook.org/suspects/carroll.html) explaining Richard Wallace’s theory.

His theory, which was explained in his book Jack the Ripper, Light-Hearted Friend, is that he believes both Carroll and his colleague, Thomas Vere Bayne, committed the Whitechapel murders. Now, there is absolutely no physical evidence, but Wallace does have a lot of circumstantial evidence. For one thing, we know how Carroll loves his little word games, including creating anagrams. Wallace is able to turn his most harmless rhymes or verses, into graphic and basic details of some of the killings. However, some of the anagrams had to substitute letters and such, poking a hole in his theory. Another thing, Wallace rearranged the letters in some phrases, and also created details of the killings, but that could be done also. Though, through all of this ‘evidence’, the likelihood of Carroll actually being Jack the Ripper is pretty slim to none. Perhaps there is a possibility? Carroll did have an infatuation with Alice Liddell and probably other small, young girls.

I don’t believe that Carroll could have committed such horrendous murders. He was too preoccupied in pleasing Alice or something of that sort, and he was a somewhat celebrity, how could have he have done these things without being caught? The idea itself is rather intriguing and eerie. The thought of the author of a beloved children’s story being a serial killer?

3 Responses to ““Lewis” the Ripper”

  1. You can find anything you want to find in anything. Wallace wanted Carroll to be a killer, so he found some of what he considered “evidence”. In the story, it is all too easy to find whatever meaning you want in any part of the story. Just like the riddle with the raven and the writing desk, you can find whatever you want in it. Hey, if you want to believe that Carroll killed prostitutes, then go ahead. After all, you will find something that will support what you believe, no matter how small and far fetched it is. People will always find something that goes along with their beliefs, and ignore everything that contradicts them.

  2. Jackson H. Says:

    I don’t believe one whit of that. My personal term for this kind of thing is “S.H.A.M.E.”, or “Sensationalists Hyping Another Minute Event.” As far as I can tell, Wallace is just poking a dead fire. By rearranging letters to form anagrams, he is simply making a mountain out of a molehill. The fact that the anagrams are poor, and are not “done properly,” or done without substituting any letters, exacerbates the doubt that can be easily cast on this ridiculous sham. My opinion is that he simply stirred up a theory so as to sell books, ideas, and attempting to preserve his mortality through a lie.

  3. I think that this is a very interesting point. To think that someone could kill a bunch of prostitutes and still write one of the most influential books of all time is very interesting. To add on to Richard Wallace’s theory, it could be possible. Since he was so in love with little girls, he would hate prostitutes. And if he hated them enough, then he would try and get rid of them. Also though it is very unlikely that he could have killed those women because he was probably always focusing on writing his book. Lewis Carroll was a very creepy man but I don’t think that he could have been Jack the Ripper.

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