The Moral of Having a Moral

After the Cheshire Cat’s appearance on the Queen’s croquet ground. Alice talks to the Duchess. The Duchess tells Alice many morals that have very confusing meanings. The most interesting one is that there is always a moral if you look hard enough for it.

“Every thing’s got a moral, if only you can find it.” – The Duchess

Hmm… Does this mean everything in life has a moral or does it apply only to Wonderland? Really if we think about it, there is a moral in everything. We learn from our lives every day. The reason we learn from our actions is because we have discovered morals. If you slip and fall on a patch of ice, you should learn to be more careful next time.

My question to you is this:

Is there a moral in everyday life events or is the moral of the story that there is no moral? Or is it something in-between?

One Response to “The Moral of Having a Moral”

  1. Oh come on Deron, you know whenever someone offers the “in-between” option, it’s always the right one.

    Life has morals, but they’re tacit; one doesn’t need to go around teaching morals. A person may only learn morals. (Confusing?) It seems as though Wonderland doesn’t have a moral, but is that a moral? Is the idea of nothing has a moral, in fact, a moral? A moral is defined as the distinction between right and wrong. There we find another “in-between” option. There is no right or wrong, only however society sees it. I saw the Duchess’ attempts at teaching Alice morals as a big picture idea of adults trying to always teach children morals, when they should just allow kids to use their imagination and grow with their individual experiences. (That was the topic of that in-class essay we never got back.)

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