When Pigs Fly

The Duchess says to Alice, “Just about as much as pigs have to fly” when Alice states that she has a right to think. I find an intriguing idea, that this is ALICE’S Wonderland. Therefore, anything is possible and can happen. I mean, she has talking animals, and caterpillars smoking hookah and doing human like things.

So, in Alice’s world anything can happen. So, Alice does have a right to think, and Alice can change anything and manipulate anyone. Alice does have the power to control and have a reign over Wonderland, though she doesn’t have a clue to that. So I care to wonder, what might happen if Alice manipulated everyone to her own power, and eventually was able to control Wonderland? How would she as a person be different and how would the people surrounding her be different?

One Response to “When Pigs Fly”

  1. Brendon O-L. Says:

    This is her dream and it is her Wonderland, but she is unable to control it. It is a dream. We really don’t have much conscious control over our dreams, thus she is really powerless. The Duchess said when pigs fly she has the right to think. The only pig we have seen was the baby that the Duchess was holding and it did not have wings. This means that Alice does not have the right to think, nor will she ever because she will never be able to make the pig fly. The truth is she is really just a victim of her own dream and imagination. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like she is miserable, actually she is quite happy in this place filled with talking animals. She just does not have her own free will in Wonderland. Since she can not think and control her dreams, she can not change that also means the people around her do not change either. It just isn’t possible to have 100% control of your dreams.

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