Love is a Battlefield

In Chapter 9, one of the Duchess’ morals is, “Oh, ’tis love, ’tis love that makes the world go round”. Brittany M. made a point to me, saying that Carroll would have never written this book if it wasn’t for love. He wrote Alice out of his infatuation and slight obsession with Alice Liddell. Yet, this moral truly bothered me. For, you see, love is a beautiful thing, but it causes many problems as well. Love can be happy, loving people together living happily ever after, but love can also tear that picture to shreads. Perhaps, that’s another reason why this fairytale is so unique. Love causes termoil, and issues, throughout history books and incidents have been recorded. So, love makes people go crazy and act out. Love can change people. Love definatley did for Carroll, love changed his life. He was a somebody and a celebrity (though, for only a while) because of his love for a 10 year old child. Love can affect our lives for the better, or worse, or it could do nothing to us at all. There are some that are impervious to love, and they save themselves from hurt and perhaps the best feeling ever.

So, thanks to a little thing called love, we have this story, this book, and this blog.

6 Responses to “Love is a Battlefield”

  1. This was a very interesting blog post. I agree that yes, love is beautiful and can be amazing. Also that other times, like for Carroll, love can make you go crazy. Although in my eyes, Carroll was a little bit crazy himself. I do not find it right to be in love with a child. I am sure most sane people don’t either. So maybe love isn’t really the reason of this book, but so much Carroll himself, just being who he was.

  2. I like your title that you used to describe your blog. It works for this. But I don’t really like how you tear down the thought of two people in love. You act like it’s a miserable act for two people to be in love. It’s actually a beautiful thing that God created. Yes there are ups and downs in marriage, relationships, etc. I wouldn’t necessarily say it causes so many problems. It’s a happy thing and if it caused SO many problems you wouldn’t really be happy anymore. Yes when you’re in love it causes you not to act yourself because you get lost in your our fairytale. I think that’s cute and love seeing couples so happy together. You probably should have just said that love does come with arguments.But don’t you think they argue to show their love, in a weird kind of way?

    • I wouldn’t necesarrily say that I’m tearing it down, I’m just saying that yes, love is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Love can give you that warm, fuzzy feeling. But, love can also complicate things. And in a way, yes, people argue because they love each other. But there is a point when the arguing isn’t out of love anymore. Love is truly a wonderful thing, but I haven’t experienced it for myself.

  3. Brittany M Says:

    I love this! I love the title because it is a great song and really goes well with what your saying. I agree that for as much things that love can come in and effect things positively, it can also cause a negative response. I like that you said love makes people go crazy and act out. As a bunch of teenagers these are things that we are dealing with, love. We all think we are in love or have met our mate for life and it can cause us to do crazy things. From posts on Facebook to insane text messages love takes part in more of our life than we realize. So kudos to love for making our lives oh so interesting and inspiring some amazing pieces of work.

  4. Love your last statement: So perhaps the statement, “a cat may look upon a king,” is really referring to the Cheshire cat’s role in wonderland as a nearly omnipotent and rather distant god figure. He may look upon a king because he has the ability to overlook everything”. It does seem that the Cheshire cat is looking down from above. He does not get as involved or caught up in situations. It seems like he has the ability to act as a sort of guide, because of his laid back nature. You can see a situation more clearly when you’re not completely cuaght up in the action. The Cheshire Cat’s ability to appear and disappear at will may also be why he has no fear of any of the characters, just as you said. This once again strengthens your point on the Cheshire Cat having the capability to see things the way he does. I can also see your love for the Cheshire Cat, as is shared by many!

  5. When we wrote the in class essay the required us to pick a quote that explained Alice’s Journey through Wonderland, I choose the one that said everything has a moral. I argued that Charles used the Duchess to say that not everything has a moral and that some stories should not be analyzed. One of the Quotes the Duchess said was “Oh, ’tis love, ’tis love that makes the world go round”. I believe I have to make a exception to this moral that the Duchess said. This quote can be argued two ways, love does not make the world go round and love does make the world go round. Both are not wrong. Technically love does not make the world spin but others would argue without love the world would stand still. Out of the many morals the Duchess said in chapter nine I believe this was the only on that made any sense.

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