Warning: This Post Will Give You a Major Headache

This post has been greatly influenced by Rivu D.’s post “It Could Be Real”.

What is real? Many philosophers have tried to grasp this concept over the years. We see, we feel, and we hear everything everyday. How do we know that what we experience is real? There isn’t a giant neon sign that comes with everything telling us whether or not it is genuine.

What makes something real? Is it the fact we can feel it, taste it, or see it? We can do all of those things in our dreams but they’re not real, or are they? Our brains run on electric impulses from nerves throughout the body. When we are awake and asleep, our nerves and brain still function. This leads me to the question of when are we dreaming? Is it when we lay ourselves in our bed at night and count sheep or is it when we go about our business every day?

Alice experiences two worlds in the story: the “real” world and a fantasy dreamland known as Wonderland. The real world is influenced by logic and physics. Wonderland is different. Those concepts that we take for granted do not apply there. For example you have babies turning into pigs and cats that can grin from ear to ear. You can grow (or shrink) to any size at anytime. Wonderland is a world where the practical is illogical and the impossible is possible.

 My question to you is this:

Which world is real?


If you survived to this point, you deserve a pat on the back and a large bottle of Tylenol. If you are one of the few who got to this point without even a headache, you’re just as mad as everyone in Wonderland.

2 Responses to “Warning: This Post Will Give You a Major Headache”

  1. Kristen K. Says:

    Perhaps if we change the way we describe these two worlds, it will make more sense which is which. For example, we could call the ‘real’ world the logical world since the laws of physics, math, etc. apply. Then the dream world, Wonderland, whatever you’d like to call it, could be dubbed the illogical world, since anything can happen without regard to physical laws.

    Now, to answer your question. I think both worlds–logical and illogical–are real. How could they not be, if we are able to imagine or experience both? Perhaps the illogical world can’t be physically experienced, but we as humans can visualize it and imagine ourselves acting in it. Our perception of the illogical world is therefore ‘real’. While we may not be able to really live in it, we can mentally.

    Thus, I think both worlds–logical and illogical–exist because if they did not, how could we as humans wonder about them at all?

  2. Wow, you used the word real seven times in that blog.

    The question of wheter or not something is real depends on who is being asked. To me, you don’t have to see it to believe it, but logic comes into the ballpark too. It’s not logical that a boy could become a pig, unless humans are “de-evolving,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine it.

    Our world is real. Wonderland is apparently a fantasy world, one that can only exist in dreams, but dreams come from ideas. The idea of Wonderland is that within it anything is possible. Your ideas about realism isn’t puzzling because I’ve already put it past me that it does’t matter how I see it, there’s no way to understand whats really going on.

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