This is Madness

During Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice experiences some very odd occurrences. First of all, you have the many changes in size and then you have the talking animals with many humanlike qualities.

In a world where talking rabbits, caterpillars, and dodos are the norm, is that world crazy? 

What about the “real” world? We idolize the least honorable people, take orders from (mostly) dishonest leaders and bosses, and are at times led around like blind mice.

Is our world is the crazy one?

We are so entrenched in our ways that we don’t even what is mad and what isn’t. What is mad for one person is perfectly logical to another. A perfect example of this is football. We absolutely love it here in the U.S. Other than us, there is no other country that claims that (American) football is their number one sport. They think it is crazy to throw pads on a bunch of big guys and have them hit each other for three hours.

We view Wonderland as a crazy, imaginary world. What would the inhabitants of Wonderland think of our world? Would they view us as a sane and stable society? Of course not! They would see us as insane beings that try to over-think everything while ignoring our creative voice inside of our head.

That crazy voice in our head is what inspires us. We need it to force us to attempt something new or do something a different way. Imagine if there wasn’t a little crazy in us. There would be no Alice. Without Alice, this blog wouldn’t even exist. Thankfully, humanity has hung on to that madness inside us and that has allowed many great ideas to come to fruition. 

All of this leads me to one conclusion:

We are all mad and that my friend is a good thing.

2 Responses to “This is Madness”

  1. Meighan A. Says:

    Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! Your question “Is our world the crazy one?”, made me think. Wouldn’t it be more normal to talk to animals? We are surrounded by them all the time. Wouldn’t it make more sense for us to be able to communicate so that we all can collaborate to find ways that all of us can benefit from eachother? I think it does. And for the people/animals in Wonderland, their world is normal, but crazy. Just like ours. They have lunatics like we have lunatics, they have people they call normal like we have people we call normal. if it’s what you are accustomed to, it is what you call normal.

  2. Vivian H. Says:

    Great point, you have got me thinking. I agree, we may just as well be the ones who are wierd. I believe it may be all on persepective. What is normal? And just what do you define as mad? Creativity in the form of different views, or maybe a complete insanity till no one can understand you at all? Like you said, we are all mad because we all have different ideas, no two person are exactly the same. This difference in us all is what defines each individual person. We are allowed to find our own interpretation of the world, and form a unique discovery.

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