Lost in a Haze

As Alice travels deeper into Wonderland, more strange occurrences bombard her and she finds herself being propelled along and as if she is acting without conscious decision she finds herself acting moving and doing as if in a daze. She begins to accept strange things without question or thought to the consequences. Such as when she searches the White Rabbit’s home and discovers bottle. Frighteningly, she doesn’t question whether she should drink the bottle or not, instead she drinks without question and unlike the earlier “Drink me” bottle this has no label whatsoever, yet Alice feels no fear or suspicion.

Without conscious decision she drinks half the bottle. It is as if the second time around Alice finds it easier to make assumptions and act without question. I would say this is a very subtle form of addiction; it is evident that she no longer has any qualms about eating and drinking the food in Wonderland although at first she remained wary. As seen with the little pebble/cakes the unlabeled bottle, the mushroom and others Alice has seemingly lost all connections with common sense and reality. It is this dreamy trance-like state that Alice seems to be trapped in that causes the reader to question once again the reality of wonderland.

Is it all just a dream-scape with no rules or governing factors?

A very likely reality save for some occurrences which seem like flashes of the real world, such as Alice’s “cart-horse” game with the puppy or the flashes of time in which she remembers every day occurrences such as lessons or her cat. But one must remember that even as Alice attempts to recite lessons she confuses them mixing the words creating a whole new set of wonderland twisted lessons. If looked at from the perspective of a dreamer perhaps Alice is experiencing bouts of near wakefulness and is therefore able to dredge up these twisted connections to reality. Or perhaps the more likely scenario is that these common place items are only thrown in to keep the reader from being drawn to deeply into the strange world of wonderland.

So in the end has Wonderland become a hodgepodge of whimsical acts through which Alice wonders or is there some underlying factor which governs this alternate reality?

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