Alice’s Own Pandora’s Box

As Alice sits and day dreams while with her sister, she spots a white rabbit..and yes, we all know how this one goes. The classic story is forever etched into our brains because of the vivid details and Carroll’s wild imagination as it unfolds in Alice’s dreams. Whether Alice is actually dreaming or not, is a completely different argument compared to what I hope to address. The rabbit hole that Alice goes down can be seen as her own sort of Pandora’s Box.

For those that do not know the story of Pandora’s Box, here it is:

Pandora is told not to open the box or jar (Alice is probably told not to wander off, considering she is a child) but temptation lures her to open it (Alice follows the white rabbit), and all of the world’s evils come out (Alice is lost and confused and scared) yet, at the very bottom of the box laid Hope. Now, Alice’s ‘hope’ is the hope to get home and out of this strange world. All she wants is to see her cat, Dinah, and be home before supper.

Does Alice actually have that hope, or should she even try at all?

Yes, we do know the outcome of the story, but what makes her tale and Pandora’s tale different?

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