Digging for Deeper Meanings

During our first CoverItLive session, my group and I stumbled upon some very intriguing topics. We got into a discussion over what was the hidden message in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Our first question was:

Is there even a hidden meaning or are we trying to grab on to something that doesn’t even exist?

A major theme in many of our beloved fables and fairytales is simple: just stay alive and don’t make a stupid mistake. The reason there are children’s stories at all is that when we are young, our minds are easily molded. Why not present a dark, scary message in a way that everyone feels all warm inside when the protagonist lives “happily ever after.”

Benedikt mentioned in our chat session how the meaning in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is even more important than those in other cherished children’s stories. Benedikt stated that:

“Maybe [Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland] screams to stay sane in a world of insanity, to stay like a child when everyone wants you to grow up.”

Benedikt has a great point.

Carroll could be making a comment through this story on how society needs to keep their minds open in order to let new ideas and ways of thinking enter them. He could be saying that we need to hang on to our childhood innocence in order to let our minds remain open. The problem is if let our ignorance and innocence run our lives completely, we will be taken advantage of easily.

What do you think is the deeper meaning in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? Is there even one at all?

Additionally, which is better to have: Childhood innocence with open-mindedness and ignorance or adult knowledge with facts but no willingness to accept new ideas?

2 Responses to “Digging for Deeper Meanings”

  1. Jason Kern Says:

    There is a harsh reality in growing up and being responsible to more than just yourself that is rather unsettling. When you are young, you are inherently more selfish in my opinion because not as many people are counting on you. As you mature (and people do this after different paces) you realize the difference between being self absorbed and as the commenter, “mtyrol,” says youthful and open minded. I think being open minded is an important part of being less narcissistic and enjoying life more fully.

    So, the question becomes can you “stay a child” at heart while still growing into your responsibilities as an adult?

    If so, how do you accomplish that?

  2. I love your thought about staying young (maybe optimistic?) in a world that tries to age us all too rapidly. Seeing life through the eyes of a child and living a dream may not always be bad. Do you know people who seem to be eternally youthful and open-minded? What personality traits do they have?

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