First CoverItLive Chat Session

So, our group just held our first CoverItLive chat session.  Feel free to check it out: Alice Project #9 10/30/09

  • We talked about our interpretations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and what Carroll attempted to create with this novel.
  • We also addressed some views we have on blogs and on layout. Feedback is appreciated greatly, be it to the ideas or the layout of the site.
  • Note:  Please notice that Elizabeth could’t be here today since she had field hockey practice.

Other than that, if you skipped to the end because you got bored reading what we wrote, you are definitely missing out.

3 Responses to “First CoverItLive Chat Session”

  1. Connor M. Says:

    I thought it was really interesting how you all compared “staying sane in an insane world” to growing up from childhood into an adult. This also opened my mind to the possibilities that maybe the moral of the story is actually staying sane in an insane world. All of the characters and events, so far, anyway, have been tremendously bizarre or irrational. The characters do not act as if they would if they were of the “real world.” Alice is the only “sane” one in that world, and there’s no telling if she’ll give into the insanity. Or maybe is she just an outside contamination in their world?

  2. Well, interestingly, I am sitting here on a Friday night after carving pumpkins for our own sort of “fantastical” event of Halloween reading your CoverItLive discussion which I found fascinating.

    The comment that I found the most interesting was this point that Alice, unlike most fairy tale princesses, etc., was completely confused by what was going on around her, and didn’t ‘suspend disbelief’ in the world she found herself plunged into. That is a new take that Carroll took with his character, and I’d never considered it that way before.

    Enjoyed reading your insights, and I learned a lot! Keep up the excellent work!

  3. Nice work on the chat, dudes (which I use as a gender-neutral term, btw).

    My only observation was that maybe you are a bit too concerned about what Carroll’s objective was in writing the story – nothing wrong with that necessarily, unless it comes at the expense of what meaning you are co-creating with Carroll as you read the story.

    Would love to see you explore that a bit more in your next chat. But really, really, well done – I’m going to pass the link along to some students at the school I teach at.

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